Introducing POA tokens

Ecosystem tokens of POA Network: Ethereum-based public network with PoA consensus, which makes Smart Contract execution faster and cheaper.



41,176 / 41,176 ETH

Important: the above mentioned address is the ONLY official address for ETH contributions. Please triple check that you are using the above address before confirming the transaction. No contributions will be accepted from the exchanges. Please use MyEtherWallet, Parity wallet, Mist wallet, Ledger / Trezor hardware wallets or Multisig wallets to send funds from. The recommended gas limit for a presale transaction is 100,000. Recommended gas price starts from 25 GWei and up. Gas price is not limited inside the contract.

Token sale details

Total Token supply

252,460,800 POA

Tokens to be sold

176,722,560 POA (70%)


41,176 ETH

Pre-sale starts

November, 17 at 9am PST

Pre-sale ends

Sold out

Public sale starts

Sold out

Public sale ends

Sold out

Allocation of proceeds

Token distribution



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