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POA products are for people who believe the Ethereum protocol must be cheap, fast, scalable and secure. We focus on the tools and infrastructure that matter most to blockchain users and developers. Engaging with POA will help you experience and create a first-class application on our platform. Welcome to POA!

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Bridged Networks

Bridged Networks

POA Network is pioneering how blockchains connect and interact with one another. Our cross-chain TokenBridge solutions provide interoperability and scalability, facilitating asset transfers between Ethereum-based networks since May 2018.

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Upgradable to
DPOS Consensus

Delegated Proof of Stake gives community members and token holders the power to participate in consensus and blockchain security. Our POSDAO algorithm provides a scalable solution with opportunities for delegated staking, high transaction speeds and low transaction costs.

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Introducing POA20
Introducing POA20

Crosschain Native Tokens

POA20 tokens are a testament to interoperability. They possess all the same traits as native POA tokens, but exist on the Ethereum mainnet as standard ERC20 tokens. Thanks to the POA bridge DApp, native POA tokens are easily transformed into POA20. Users can then leverage mainnet applications as desired, and bridge back to POA at any time.

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Helping Games To Scale

POA Network is the perfect platform for the development and deployment of highly-scalable games. Our stand-alone blockchain supports Solidity and is backed by the security of Proof of Autonomy consensus. This provides easy compatibility when porting over development code from Ethereum to POA Network. For gamers, POA offers transactions at a fraction of the cost while acheiving 3X speed over Ethereum. POA's open-source explorer and wallet create a complete functional ecosystem where games have the opportunity to develop and grow.

Introducing POA20 POA GAMES FUND #1 - 50,000 Dai
50,000 Dai

POA Games Fund #1 has already provided 50,000 Dai in funding for game development on our network, including the largest single award through Gitcoin Grants. There is much more to come! If you are a developer learn how you can apply for funding to create the next big blockchain game.
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Geon App

Geon is one of the most popular games within the entire Ethereum ecosystem, and it runs on the POA Network. This augmented reality project incentivizes users to visit real-world locations to collect rewards. The POA Games fund is helping the Geon App continue to grow thanks to a $25,000 Dai reward from the POA Games Fund.
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Success Factors

User Experience

Execution is fast, fun and seamless within the blockchain environment.

Real-World Adoption

Geon has immediate applications for businesses and individual users around the world.


Clovers Network

Clovers is an NFT scavenger hunt game that needs large amounts of on-chain computation. They are utilizing the POA network and the Arbitrary Message Bridge to offload computation from Ethereum mainnet. The POA Games fund has awarded Clovers $10,000 Dai in order to further the work using meta-transactions, use of AMB and improve the on-boarding experience of users who have never owned crypto.
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Success Factors

Token Economy

Clovers uses a token called Clover Coin that is inflationary and deflationary. It is inflated when used as a reward in exchange for symmetrical clovers. It is deflationary when any clover is kept by a user (when it is burned). There is a bonding curve to allow Clover Coins to be exchanged for Ether.

Cross Chain

Thanks to POA Network's Arbitrary Message Bridge, Clovers will be able to offload computation from Ethereum's mainnet. The AMB is a cross chain interoperability protocol that will help Clovers with facilitating a smoother user experience with faster and cheaper transactions.

Built For Developers

Anything you can do on the Ethereum network you can also do on the POA Network. Our network provides the speed, security, and cost-efficiency of a private network on a public network.


You can build your own network with your own validators based on our trusted ceremony and on-chain governance.

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Deploy DApps for identity, crowdfunding, gaming, real estate, and anything else you can imagine.

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The Team and Open-Source Contributors

Our core team is comprised of seasoned blockchain developers and professionals from around the globe. Community members also play a vital role contributing to the evolution of our open-source codebase. POA Network projects were recently ranked in the The 20 Blockchain Projects With the Most Developer Activity on Github according to Consensys.

Building Web3 Infrastructure Together

The decentralized future requires a strong supporting foundation. By collaborating on cutting-edge technology and strategy with our development partners, POA Network is building the infrastructure to support Web3.

Meet our Partners infrastructure

POA Team Roadmap

We continue to achieve milestones on our journey towards horizontal blockchain scalability. POA has come a long way since we first announced the project in April 2017, but we’re just getting started! See what we’re aiming to accomplish in the months ahead.

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